7 Easy Ways to Provide More Value to Your Supporters.

helping-hand1. Give your mother, uncle, friend or anyone else $20 and go to your website.  Then donate that same amount to your organization.  Then watch what happens.  Is it easy?  Is it enjoyable?  Does the information they find online help them understand why you need the money and show them how the money will be used?  Did they get a “thank you” message that reinforces their understanding of both?  Does it make them feel appreciated?  As I like to say, “does it give them the ‘Disney Experience'” or is it ordinary?
2. Provide your supporters with easy access to information about what you are doing with their money.  Make sure you are being transparent.  Remember to show them the results realized from their generosity.
3. As Phyllis Freedman always says, “show ’em that you know ’em!”  Personalize your messages and speak to your supporters in a donor-centric fashion.
4. Show and tell them true stories of success.  That will remind them of how good they felt when they donated— and they may even donate more!
5. Provide convenience and accessibility.  Make it easy to email you.  Make it easy to call you.  For instance, make sure your phone number is on the top of your website, not buried somewhere in a “Contact Us” page.  Same with emails.  Also, answer the phone promptly and return email and phone messages the same day.  Act as though you are competing for the donor’s dollars.
6. Be mindful that your competition is every nonprofit on earth.  Act as if the fundraiser that provides the most value wins the donation!
7. Provide offers of gift opportunities that meet their needs.  Be relevant.  Don’t waste their time with offers that won’t resonate.
I could go on all day.
Bottom line:  More people will give and more people will give greater amounts if you provide more value.  

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