Some things we think you should know.

Q: Does MarketSmart offer a benefit package?

A: Absolutely, and you’ll find that it’s competitive. Beyond solid health, dental and vision coverage, we offer a health savings plan and 401k. You’ll also enjoy our Bagel Fridays, free coffee and snacks, some exercise equipment and, gosh darn it, a spectacular sense of purpose, autonomy and growth.

Q: Are employees expected to have access to work email on their phone and/or check it outside of typical work hours?

A: Kinda’ sorta’ yes and no.

We strongly believe every employee (frankly, every human) deserves a fair and satisfying work-life balance. It’s been proven time and again that overworking ourselves leads to diminishing returns at work and at home.

That said, we also embrace the occasional need for “hero mode.” If a client is upset, or another team member is sick or injured, or we’re just super-busy, we may be “on” when we’d typically be “off.” (What’s important is to take the time afterward for solid recuperation!)

And/or our team mentality may also find you online after-hours. Let’s say you get a brilliant idea or want to provide further instruction right now. Feel free to send along, without expectation of an immediate reply. But you’ll likely find that you get one—MarketSmart employees are passionate and present out of a sheer enjoyment of the job.

In short: We all expect good judgment based on a fair work/life balance model.

Q: What would my daily schedule be? I saw on that it can vary 8-[5:30] or 9-[6:30].

A: Unlike traditional office set-ups, we don’t really have set hours. For instance, Cheryl tends to come in on the later side (around 9 A.M.-ish) but she also tends to be the last one to leave. Lizzie gets in around [7:30] A.M. or 8 A.M. and might decide to leave a good hour (or more!) before Cheryl. Then there’s Jeff. If he has calls with folks in California at night, he may come in late the next day.

We all do what we must in order to get the job done. You won’t be watched. You won’t punch a clock. You’ll receive a lot of autonomy and only you can decide if this system suits you. If you’re the self-motivated type who deplores micro-management, you’ll love it. If you prefer a more concrete schedule that allows you to 100% check out every night or over the weekends (even when problems are unraveling that affect the company’s core purpose and make things difficult for other team members), MarketSmart won’t be the right fit.

Q: I want to rock my interview. How can I prove that I can do what I say?

A: For some positions, it’s best for us to actually see what you can do before you up and leave your current job. For example, if the position you seek requires creating PowerPoint presentations, we may ask you to present one. Or if your job will require writing code, we may ask you to write some.

Q: How can I help you get to know me better?

A: Lean into our online survey. It’ll never replace the face-to-face time we spend together, but it relieves you of the burden of repeating yourself to every new MarketSmart team member. The survey is just one more way we strive to make our New Hire Process as efficient, productive and painless as possible!

Q: What if we are not a match?

A: Time spent with another person is never wasted time. If, after exploring your strengths and matching them with our needs, it’s revealed that we are not a good fit, we will have at least both grown from the experience.

Transparency is key. Communication is critical. The ultimate goal is to help you find the position that fulfills your professional and personal needs, and help us find the person to best satisfy our mission. If MarketSmart isn’t the place, we will shake hands and wish each other well on all future endeavors!

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