9 questions to help you determine if your results are good

questionsSometimes we don’t want to look at the results of our marketing efforts. 
Facing them isn’t easy. Especially if they stink. But I hope you will because you can’t improve upon that which you do not measure.

If you’re up to the task, here are 9 questions you should ask yourself to determine if your planned gift marketing results are good or not:

  1. How many people visited your planned giving website last month? _______
  2. Do you know WHO visited your website? You should! And, you can! With the right technology. _______
  3. How many clicked on your emails? Stop looking at how many people opened them. Opens don’t matter. Clicks do! _______
  4. Do you know WHO clicked on your emails? You should! With the right technology. _______
  5. Do you know how many people are actively considering a legacy gift right now? You should! And, you can! With the right technology. _______
  6. Do you know how many of your supporters have NO CHILDREN? You should! And, you can! With the right technology. _______
  7. Do you know how many leads you generated last month? _______
  8. How many hidden planned gifts did you uncover? _______
  9. How many new gifts did you facilitate (close)? _______


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