5 Ways to Get Your Major Donors to Refer You and Your Organization to Others

referral1. Constantly ask them to refer you. Have a referral mindset and remember, if you don’t ask… you won’t get.
2. Remind them to refer you. Give them a reminder at the bottom of every email in your signature or as a P.S. Put the message on the back of every business card. Make sure the reminder includes a benefit for the major supporter such as: “Please consider referring your friends to me so I can help them learn how they can impact too. They’ll be really glad you did!”
3. Let them know that each referral can make a huge impact. Remind them that they can multiply their impact by referring you to others like them (or with even greater means).
4. Act fast. Once you get a referral, give that new prospect the best service as quickly as possible so they’ll tell the referral source how awesome you are.
5. Say thank you.  If you don’t thank the person who referred you, they’ll never do it again. Come on now… I shouldn’t even have to tell you that one.


2 responses to “5 Ways to Get Your Major Donors to Refer You and Your Organization to Others”

  1. Alyce says:

    Sample letters – How do you let the donor know who referred you? Or do you?

    • Greg Warner says:

      Absolutely. It’s best to let the donor know who referred you. The way to do it is simply to be straight-up. Say, “______________ suggested I reach out to you…”

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