11 props you can use to raise more money at face-to-face meetings

fundraising props

  1. Your annual report (only if it has good pictures, stories about impact, and financials that show responsible use of funds)
  2. A copy of your newsletter (only if it has good pictures and stories about impact that help the donor feel like a hero)
  3. Photos of projects or beneficiaries (be sure you can tell a story about each photo)
  4. Videos (easily transported in a phone, iPad or computer)
  5. Charts/graphs (that show impact or responsible use of funds)
  6. A giving menu (see one here)
  7. Architectural illustrations of a proposed project (or photos of similar projects done by other orgs)
  8. Powerpoint/Presio presentations (make sure they are short and powerful)
  9. Infographics (make sure they are well designed and easy to understand)
  10. Testimonials from other supporters (have them explain why they give— on cards or in videos)
  11. Thank you messages from grateful beneficiaries (Ahhh! A great prop that should bring tear to the supporter’s eyes)
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