Unlocking Mega Gifts – How Faith Based Organizations Surface 6 and 7 figure current gifts from assets not cash


Webinar December 6 - Unlocking Major Gifts with Greg Ring

In this presentation, Greg Ring covers everything you need to know about how faith-based organizations are surfacing and closing transformational gifts from donors whom the organizations originally believed couldn’t give any more.

This presentation includes real-world examples and actionable ideas you can implement to get better results for your fundraising program. Grab a pen and a pad! You’re going to need it.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How an asset-enhanced strategy helps generous people make a larger impact than they ever imagined both today and in the future.
  • How an asset-enhanced strategy using real estate & closely-held stock actually serves your donors, not just your organization.
  • How you can meet a need no one else is meeting in the lives of your donors.
  • How asset-enhanced legacy gifting positively impacts current cash gifts.


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About the Presenter:

Greg Ring

Greg Ring

Greg Ring is the Co-Founder/Principal of The Giving Crowd and has been a recognized expert and thought leader in the planned giving arena for the past three decades. Greg has served more than 200 ministries and nonprofits, developing and executing over $4 billion in documented planned gifts.

His passion for the non-profit sector has led to continual improvement of the service model. The Giving Crowd builds on this rich history, engaging technology so that both the local church and the mega non-profit can participate effectively and efficiently in “the greatest transfer of wealth in history”. Greg is married with three daughters and six grandchildren, and lives in Colorado Springs.

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