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It’s risk-free
Although this IS a product demonstration, we never use high-pressure sales techniques. We simply aim to educate and inform.

It’s interesting and educational
No one has ever left our product demonstrations early.

We’re considerate of your time
The session is only 45 minutes long, and you can pause whenever you’d like.

Think outside of the box
We will not be showcasing the same old marketing techniques that you see from companies you may consider to be our competitors. The work we do for our clients is cutting edge and different.


  1. Some marketing basics you already know but might have forgotten
  2. How to use engagement fundraising to manage the donor’s consideration process in a polite and respectful way
  3. How to construct the perfect offer to inspire more donor engagement
  4. How our innovative product solutions work and are helping your peers get more gifts in less time
  5. BONUS: An overview of an exciting new product we launched recently that’s free!

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