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Job Titles For Fundraisers – Episode 10


On today’s episode we discuss job titles for fundraisers and how the wrong job title can negatively affect the donor’s perception. Not sure what engagement fundraising is or how job titles affect your success as a fundraiser? Well you will soon!

Why People Give – Episode 8

Why people really give to nonprofits

In this episode Greg and Tim discuss why people give to nonprofits. Learn the motivations and incentives that inspire giving by listening.

Content Offers Donors Love – Episode 6

Learn why content offers work, what things to keep in mind as you create content, and some content ideas that donors will love! Learn more about MarketSmart at


checklist for offering donor value

The Four Selfs – Episode 5

Learn about the four selfs of Engagement Fundraising in this episode of the podcast. Read about the four selfs here.

Email as a Fundraising Tool – Episode 4

Learn how to use email in a way donors love, how to use it to track engagement, some pitfalls to avoid, and much more. Visit to learn more about MarketSmart.


Donor Surveys – Episode 3

Learn the power of surveys, what words to use, why donors like them, how best to utilize them, and much more. Learn more about MarketSmart at