8 ways to promote your planned giving program on Facebook

1. Announce a gift you recently received (a modest one… legacy gifts mostly come from average folks— not the rich) and say “thank you”

2. Promote a video about a legacy donor

3. Share a link to a legacy donor story

4. Publicize rate changes or smart giving opportunities that can deliver unique donor benefits (and have a deadline)

5. Share information about past gifts and how people still benefit from those gifts today

6. Provide offers for free estate planning information

7. Remind donors to make a will and consider your organization when doing so

8. Share photos from and stories about Legacy Society events

Can you help me add to this list?

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2 responses to “8 ways to promote your planned giving program on Facebook”

  1. Elissa says:

    “Like” #2!

  2. Good points to remember. Thank you for sharing them.

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