Why your job is to get donors to talk to themselves

Your job is not to come up with words and images that will persuade or convince people to give.

Instead, your job is to come up with words and images that will inspire people to persuade or convince themselves to give.

You cannot make people do anything.

Inspiring self-talk is the key. 
It’s only when people talk to themselves that they make decisions.

Therefore, your job is to engage donors in a way that inspires self-talk that makes them feel good.

The right kind of engagement at the right time will make your job easier.

After they convince themselves to give, you’ll just have to facilitate the transaction.

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Riley Hudson
Riley Hudson
2 years ago

Donors come to your nonprofit because they believe in your mission. They stay with you because you prove yourself worthy of their trust and commitment. Transparency and dependability are key. When you say you’re going to do something, be true to your word. Arborist Golden Co

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