Why you should never get a job and go to work

I taught my kids to avoid using the words jobwork and can’t.

To me a job is what some people get so they can work to get money; and if they fail to find one, they might say it’s because they can’t.

I’ve had lots of jobs.

I got paid plenty of money for my work. I never said, “I can’t.”

I bussed tables at restaurants. I carried luggage as a bellboy at hotels. I waxed and polished cars. And, I even painted houses and resurfaced driveways with goopy, black sealant on hot summer days.

Yep, I’ve done my share of work. 

But in 2008, when the bottom fell out of the direct marketing and printing business, I decided to stop working. I decided that I wasn’t going to look for a job. And, I decided I’d never say, “can’t.”

Instead, I resolved to seek a path that delivers value to humanity and feels right for me and others.

It wasn’t a good time to make that decision. You can learn more about why here.

You can stop working too.

I’m not telling you to start a business like I did. No, I’m simply suggesting you devote yourself to a career, not a job. And a career is defined here as:

1. an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one’s lifework;

2. a person’s progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking.

I’m also recommending you replace the concept of work with making progress.

In fact, I think you should never go to work again. Instead, each day you should make progress.

And when people ask you where you are going in the morning, you should never say, “I’m going to work.” Instead, tell them, “I’m going to make progress.”

Because progress is positive, work is negative.

Sure, you may need to go to work for a period of time in order to make progress. That’s ok. But I hope you’ll only do that until you settle on a career to make more progress than you ever dreamed possible.

Making progress is a self-fulfilling journey, working is punching a clock.

Making progress feels good because it is right. Making progress helps you find meaning in your life. Making progress will make you happy.

So don’t say that you can’t. You can. I know it!

Stop going to work and quit looking for another job. Instead, start making progress. Then, the universe will reward you.  


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William Skaggs
William Skaggs
5 years ago

Simply put … Love, love, love this!

David Barker
2 years ago

Good thoughts. I’
I’ll have to progress on them.
Seriously, career vs work is often a lesson learned after much pain and frustration but once you settle into a profession, things take off.

Theresa Nagle
2 years ago

You, once again, hit the nail smack on the head! Thanks for this!!

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