Why we'd rather see you call an inactive customer before engaging in SEO marketing.

In my last post I told you why I hated SEO and SEO firms.  But I also mentioned that we (at MarketSmart) recommend you have an SEO strategy.  So… what gives?

Here’s the deal:  (And I should first warn you that I was trying to say this to a CEO just this morning during an early morning coffee meeting and I swear his eyes crossed and he started drifting into space.  So, I recognize that this stuff is dizzying).

SEO is sort of a basic thing you just need to do.  It means “Search Engine Optimization”.  You don’t have to go nuts with it.  I repeat:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO NUTS WITH THIS!  Even though… Lots of people are talking about it.  They are making a mountain out of molehill because most small businesses are really better off just sticking with pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, or just picking up the darn phone and making a cold-call.

But at the very least, you should make sure to get your page title, metatags and headings right so Google knows what you sell.  Then get listed on directories.  Blog regularly with interesting content that truly helps people.  And finally get links from relevant websites.

Now… I could write a book about each of those directives.  But I just won’t.  Because, frankly, I’d rather see most of my clients do about 25 other things before they start stroking a check to some joker calling himself and SEO expert who “guarantees” my client will be listed on page one (if only my client could wait 6 months or a year).

And one of those things is to just pick up the phone and call an inactive customer.  That’s cheap and will probably get them to buy from you right away.

Bam!  Done with SEO for now.  Let’s talk about other stuff.

See ya’ next time.

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