What your donors hear Vs. What you tell them

I love this cartoon by Gary Larson (Far Side).
If you think you’re getting your message through to your supporters… think again!
You’re missing big opportunities if you say to yourself (or to your marketing vendor), “We’re not going to do that campaign again. We already did that.”
The truth is… you MUST “drip” your messages over and over and over and over and over again.  That’s just the way it works. Consistency is key. Repetition is essential.MarketSmart Blog Post-What your donors hear Vs. What you tell them
Don’t kid yourself. You simply have to repeat your messages if you want to break through the clutter and have them heard and acted upon.

What donor hear

8 responses to “What your donors hear Vs. What you tell them”

  1. Roland Emerton says:

    Great point Greg. One of my favorite cartoons.

  2. Greg,
    You are on point with this concept,over my 30+ years of fund development some folks have assumed one effort is enough to get the message out and my “mantra” is keep telling the story, folks have said to me “why are you repeating and I say not everyone has heard what we have articulated and it will be awhile before they hear and understand our story and the difference we are making..
    Keep getting your message out there,it makes a difference in you development efforts!
    Have a great 4th of July 2015 !!

  3. you may have to run this a few more times…

  4. engagementfundraising says:

    Ha! Richard, you just made me laugh out loud.
    Thanks for your comments everyone!

  5. Jim Weber says:

    Well done Greg a really good and funny summary about the power of repetition,
    Well done Greg a really good and funny summary about the power of repetition,
    Well done Greg…. (you see where I’m going with this?)
    Thanks! Jim
    Thanks! Jim
    Thanks! Jim

  6. yep, Greg and I bet everyone didn’t hear you SAY it the first time! Reckon that’s why we invented “elevator statements,” right? say if over…. and over…..and over….and…..
    and I like Kay Sprinkle Grace’s comments in yesterday’s AFP Journal…
    – Stop focusing on your organization’s NEEDS and promote your IMPACT…
    – People give because you MEET needs … not because you HAVE needs

  7. Exactly! And another fundraising takeaway from this cartoon is the use of a donor’s name in print and online appeals. It shocks me how many charities don’t use even basic personalisation in their appeals or sprinkle the donor’s name throughout the appeal. Yup, most of your colleagues (and defniitely your board) will think its cheesy, but reading your own name in print is like a magnet for your eyes and is guaranteed to boost response.

    • engagementfundraising says:

      David, I love to hear my name! Thanks David. Hope you have a great weekend David!! 🙂

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