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Two things every CEO needs to know about marketing for the next decade.

Two of the keys to marketing in the next decade are simple.  Get found.  And help people when they find you.

Get found.

These days, the first thing people do when they want to learn about something… anything… is they search for it online.  Young and old alike now search.  So pretend you are your customer/client.  Go to your search bar and type in whatever they would type to find your product or service.  Are you there at the top of the list?  On the first page?  Can they find you easily?  Or are they finding your competitors?  Hmm.


You may say that your business doesn’t work like that.  Ok.  So suppose your sales team does a great job.  The cold calls were made.  The meetings are over.  The proposals were submitted.  At some point the decision maker or a team in a board room will decide to look-up your company online.  First they can’t find you.  So they type in your web address and YUCK! … your site is slow, looks bad, is clumsy to navigate and offers nothing helpful.  It’s all about you, not them.

Help people.

Once they find you, your site needs to be helpful.  If your website is basically an online sales brochure, you probably aren’t helping anyone.  And if you don’t help people, they’ll bounce to your competition.  Fast.

Most websites need to be completely re-thunk.  Smarter.  Make it easy for people to find you by implementing search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.  Then, be truly helpful once they arrive at your site.

Keep your eye on those two things and you’ll at least have the basis for a sound internet strategy going into the next decade.

Happy New Year!

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