Today I want to tell you about some amazing people

When I get in at 7 am, I see them. And, when I leave at 7 pm, I see them. Working.

There’s fire in their eyes and passion in their hearts.

I apologize to them.

I hate to see them working so hard.

Then, I let them know how thankful I am for their passion and diligence.

People who work so hard deserve such gratitude.

“Gosh,” I think to myself each day, “I hope they know how much they mean to me, to each other and to the people we serve, their organizations, their donors and the beneficiaries of their gifts.”

But then they tell me I’m wrong.

“We aren’t working,” they remind me. “We’re making progress.”

How foolish of me! After all, I wrote those words on our Career pages. “At MarketSmart we don’t believe in calling it work.  Instead, we call it making progress because it works better that way. Work is drudgery. No one likes to work. Everyone likes to make progress.”

And, that’s what they do. Every day. Every night.

I love them.

And, interestingly, the more I love them, the more they love our mission, our clients and their missions. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Of course, not in a Harvey Weinstein kind of way. Good grief! No! Instead, I love who they are. I love their passion. I love their drive. Their caring and concern.

That’s why, today, this post is dedicated to them — my employees — the Solutionists at MarketSmart (after all, everyone at MarketSmart is a Solutionist because they deliver solutions).

They are amazing! Each and every one of them.

Plus, they don’t play games.

You can’t find a single back-stabber, politician or narcissist in the bunch.

The work together. They lift each other up and they cheer each other on.

Amazing people! Did I say that already?

Yes, today is for them. For their integrity, their drive and their character.

Yes, today, with a warm heart, a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, I say to everyone here at MarketSmart, “THANK YOU.”

“The world is, indeed, becoming a better place and we are, indeed, making progress— because of you.”



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6 years ago

High Five Greg!!! That’s so great that you are publically telling your team how much you appreciate them. I’m blessed to have a boss that does the same. Sometimes it’s not so much about the “work” but the people you get to do it with every day, all day! And when you combine philanthropy with great colleagues, it’s golden.

6 years ago
Reply to  Theresa

Good for you Theresa!

6 years ago

We love you back, Greg. Thanks for letting us be apart of this misson.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tim

You da man Tim! Thanks!!

6 years ago

Your team is exceptional because of the leader. They have such a great attitude that each encounter is a positive one. I love their drive, their atttiude and their dedication. Thank you to all of you!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Elly

Awww. Thanks so much Elly. We miss you dropping by! Let’s regroup when you are ready.

Jacque Daley-Perrin
Jacque Daley-Perrin
6 years ago

It’s all about relationships and gratitude. Thanks for keeping that at the forefront of our “work” and bringing innovative and out of the box thinking to our profession. I always find a nugget or two in your posts.

6 years ago

Glad to hear that Jacque.

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