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Think smart. Work smart. MarketSmart.

What’s the difference? Introducing MarketSmart.

Everyone knows it’s better to work smarter; not harder.  But working smarter requires sound strategyThought.  And time to concentrate on what really makes our businesses tick.

You can’t just wake up one day and say “Yes!  Today I will work smart!  Not hard!”

It doesn’t work that way.  By the time most of us get to our desks each morning, we’ve already got a half dozen emails to respond to, our schedule’s been rearranged, and several staff members are already looking for answers to questions.

Yet we know we’ve got to concentrate on marketing and sales.  But half the emails we get are complaints from the sales team about the marketing department.  And the other half are excuses from the marketing department and complaints about the sales team.

Sales says, “these leads stink!”  And marketing says, “we need new salespeople… this crew can’t close a zip-lock bag!”

And that’s where MarketSmart comes in.

We like to noodle marketing AND sales.  I (Greg Warner- Founder and CEO of MarketSmart) have made over 30,000 cold calls.  I’ve been rejected more times than I’d like to admit.  But I’ve also closed more deals in a year than some salespeople close in a lifetime.  I understand sales.  And I like to write about it. Also, I understand marketing.  And I like to write about that too.

Most marketers don’t know anything about sales and visa-versa.

So this blog is about how the two need to work together.  It’s about being smart.  And trying to be smarter each day.  It’s about thinking.  It’s about strategy.

And most of all it’s about making the needle go up!  Increasing ROI.  And delivering results.

I hope you like what we have to say here.  And I hope you’ll tell us when you disagree.

We try to be smart but we realize no one is “the smartest”.  So let us know your thoughts.  Let’s think smart and work smart together!

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