The Superbowl, the web, social media and "did it work???"

The Superbowl happened and the results are in.
This year more marketers tried to infuse a multi-channel marketing approach into the Superbowl than in any other year.  Ads driving viewers to Twitter, Facebook, URL’s and landing pages were all the rage.  Social media!  Yeah!  Let’s do that! Become a fan!!  Become a fan!!  Tweet about us!!
So what happened?  According to a recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey, most people did not engage brands online.  Only 2% Tweeted about their favorite ad.  And about 1% became a fan of the brand on Facebook.
Lot’s of people (47%) went online during the Superbowl.  But they were mostly checking other sports scores and stuff.
So what’s the MarketSmart take on this?  Well a 1% response rate isn’t bad when you consider the number of people who watch the Superbowl.  But, those ads are pretty expensive.  We’re hard-pressed to try to calculate an ROI on this.  But we feel that targeted, relevant, direct marketing still prevails in this space.  If you want people to engage with your company, you’ve got to speak to them in a one-to-one manner at the right time with the right message.  Give them the information they want.  Solve their problems.
In this case that might mean big brands need grass-roots efforts at the front lines to encourage social media fanaticism.

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