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The 6 most read parts of any major gift letter

I’m always a bit baffled when I see fundraising letters that fail to take into consideration the following. After all, research by Professor Siegfried Vogele has clearly proven… Read More

Donor Psychology: Do you know what really makes your supporters feel good?

Funny thing about fundraising is that it all boils down to this: Making sure that your supporters feel good! I know, I know. In the… Read More

Here's why when it comes to planned gifts, it isn't necessarily ALL about the relationship

I have two questions that I ask people when they say that planned gift fundraising “is all about the relationship.” I ask, “How many gifts… Read More

Introducing MarketSmart’s 2017 IN’s & OUT’s

Happy New Year everyone! Each year my IN’s & OUT’s usually get passed around and shared quite a bit. Sometimes they ruffle some feathers. For… Read More

5 ideas you should share with supporters to close more year-end major gifts

Whenever I see articles about year-end major gifts, they always seem to say the same things such as, “Don’t forget to look at your list… Read More

How to ask your board members for year-end gifts

I know this is important. But, honestly, I’m a major and planned gift marketer… not a fundraising consultant. So I found this article by Gail… Read More

What to do with wealth screened data that's "sitting on the shelf" unused

Wealth screening your data is a good idea! My firm doesn’t provide that service but there are plenty that can help you to determine who… Read More

Why you should ignore Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a shiny object. A time waster for a fundraiser seeking serious results. It focuses on the lowest rung of the ladder. DO… Read More

16 Content Ideas Your Major and Planned Gift Donors Will Love

Infographics Short, “self-contained” emails (with no hyperlinks) that include very brief updates Short letters or online articles (2-3 paragraphs) Highly relevant and targeted medium length… Read More

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors' needs?

The private sector knows all about responding to leads. They know that: The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times… Read More

9 reasons why it’s time to uncover philanthropic mindsets

I think organizations should do whatever it takes to uncover philanthropic mindsets because: 1. Philanthropists have an unparalleled passion for an organization’s mission.   2. Philanthropists want… Read More

Why you should join mastermind groups instead of attending conferences

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I don’t really like conferences that much.  Sure, there are some good… Read More

Would you give money to this person?

Trust is crucial, necessary and vital.  I think all of us would agree that one of the most basic reasons why any major donor would… Read More

How to Answer the Question, "How Much of This Will Go to Overhead?"

Peter Drury of tells us how to answer this challenging question.   He says to tell ’em, “Overhead is like cholesterol.  There’s good overhead… Read More

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