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5 thoughts that might lead your supporters to feel donor remorse

Here are some of the thoughts crossing your donors’ minds while you’re asking them to support your cause: Will they say thank you or just… Read More

How to calculate how much revenue you could have with a mid-level donor migration plan to inspire major gifts

Recently, my friends at Veritus Group (led by two industry icons— Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels) determined the following: – Organizations WITHOUT a mid-level giving program… Read More

6 of the biggest reasons why you don't get enough major gifts from people with capacity

Here are six of the biggest reasons why you don’t get enough major gifts from people with capacity: 1.  Your capable donors, supporters, advocates, staff,… Read More

What major philanthropists really want from fundraisers

Ronald J. Schiller (a veteran fundraiser with too many accolades to list here) wrote a fantastic book titled Belief and Confidence. In it, he draws… Read More

What to do when several in-house departments are fighting over who should ask a big donor for the next gift

First, a quick story: I once heard a story about a University that was getting ready for a big campaign. Not surprisingly, several fundraisers at… Read More

24 amazing benchmark reports on fundraising all in one place

If you’re like me, you like to noodle data and scratch your head a lot. I’ve done so much head-scratching that my hair is almost… Read More

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