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8 simple ideas to involve your donors and build deeper connections

L.M. Montgomery was a famous author in the early 1900’s. Her novels were internationally renowned.  She once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I… Read More

Proof that high-dollar donors are more loyal than low-dollar supporters

Recently I made some new friends at The Fundraising Effectiveness Project and they shared some awesome research findings with me.  You can see the first one… Read More

Believe in "The Fantastic Four" if you want to market planned gifts the right way

When it comes to marketing planned gifts, always remember that you want your supporters to think about how they can find meaning in their lives by… Read More

Why call it moves management?

I don’t like the term “moves management”.  Why?  Because it focuses on you and your organization.  It’s about your moves. Sure, it uses alliteration so it sounds… Read More

15 Marketing Essentials for Major Donors and Legacy Society Members

If about 80% of your revenue comes from approximately 20% of your donors, you should be spending an exorbitant amount of time and money on… Read More

Do you want something "for" your donors or "from" your donors? The answer could mean everything to your mission.

I love LinkedIn groups.  By joining, you can learn from some amazing people for free! Recently Howard Freeman, CFRE [Senior Campaign Director at Young Life,… Read More

Stop puffing out your chests… the donor is awesome— not you.

Too many nonprofits are too focused on themselves. “Look at us!” “Here’s what we did.” “Aren’t we great?!?”  “Now give us some money to do more great… Read More

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