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Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers

I stumbled on an article written for stockbrokers (financial advisors) that I found interesting because it recounted the top three reasons why clients leave: Poor… Read More

Why go to Amazon when you can get it here for free?

Each year my amazing staff grab the best, most popular blog posts from the prior year to create a book for our readers.  At last, the… Read More

The number one reason why people give is not what you think

You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked. For many years, this saying has motivated fundraisers to get out there and… Read More

Introducing the "FOUR SELFs" of Engagement Fundraising

When I first came up with the term engagement fundraising it was because I was a pissed-off donor! I wanted the charities I cared about… Read More

Do you donate to your employer?

Do you donate to your employer? If your answer was, “No, I donate my time… I work here!” I think that was the wrong answer…. Read More

Why not create a donor appreciation department?

Does your organization really appreciate its supporters? Many private businesses have customer service departments because they want to increase the lifetime value of each customer…. Read More

The Real Story of MarketSmart…

You may already know that MarketSmart helps nonprofits engage with their supporters in a way that keeps them highly involved and committed— so they give more. … Read More

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