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See what happens when donors and board members switch a few words

One day a long time ago I was in a board meeting talking about raising money and a member said the following: “The only time… Read More

How fast do you respond to your major and planned gift donors' needs?

The private sector knows all about responding to leads. They know that: The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times… Read More

Why the difference between “we” and “they” is so tremendous?

First, a really quick story. I was flying home from a speaking engagement last week when I found myself sitting next to a very sweet,… Read More

Are you being tested?

Mark Zuckerberg’s big $100 million gift in 2010 In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder and CEO) gave $100 million to help fix Newark, New Jersey’s… Read More

Too much talk about donor retention?

There’s a lot of talk about donor retention these days. Don’t get me wrong. Retention is important, very important! But it’s really only one side… Read More

Your supporters want a polyamorous relationship with you and your organization

Polyamorous relationships are non-exclusive. Therefore, your supporters will cheat on you. They will cozy up to other organizations (your competitors). They will come and go when… Read More

Donor Retention

I think we’re in trouble.   No, I’m not worried about the economy. It’s not the recent jobs report either.   I’m worried because the… Read More

Why call it moves management?

I don’t like the term “moves management”.  Why?  Because it focuses on you and your organization.  It’s about your moves. Sure, it uses aliteration so… Read More

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