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If you're asking yourself whether or not direct mail is dead, then you're asking the wrong question

There’s too much talk about whether or not direct mail is dead. Of course it is NOT dead! I get direct mail delivered to me every day.  … Read More

How to End Your Obsession With Direct Mail (and Why)

Love! Ahh…. love. Is there anything better than love? Love is great. But when it goes too far and becomes an obsession, there’s a problem…. Read More

5 ways to give your donors "the Disney Experience"

Last week Jeff Schreifels did it again.  His Passionate Giving Blog (for Veritus Group) gave us 5 ways to provide what I call “The Disney Experience”… Read More

DMAW, their MAXI Awards, and a big “fail” for planned giving

  At the 2013 Bridge Conference last week, you could walk through a wonderful “museum” of award-winning direct marketing fundraising packages. They were neatly on… Read More

Why looking at response rates for planned giving campaigns is a rookie mistake.

Have you ever sold your home? If so, how many buyers did you need? Just one right? So if you put your house up for… Read More

It's Mildred not Millie!!

Face it… you are not her friend.  You don’t want to be her friend.  And she doesn’t want you to be her friend. Yes, you… Read More

2 very interesting planned giving marketing charts

Direct mail still has a place in marketing

Although direct mail requires printing and postage, I have to say that… if it’s done right… it’s still one of the most effective marketing media… Read More

Direct mail drives online interactions?

According to research from Pitney Bowes, “60 percent of respondents believe that offline marketing is most likely to get them to visit the website of… Read More

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