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Stop complaining because your success is up to you

All of us have been there. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that just plain suck! Think yours is worse than someone else’s? Think… Read More

Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!

Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings on what words work to raise money (Check out the ground-breaking webinar titled… Read More

Ever wonder what donor advisors tell their clients when it comes to giving their money away?

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has spent the past 120 years advising one of the worlds most philanthropic families— the Rockefellers. Today they help their clients give away… Read More

The best 2-step plan for legacy gift marketing

1. Generate leads using social norms, family reminders and non-death-related packages Social norms = “Many of our supporters have done this too!” Family reminders =… Read More

7 Legacy Gift Marketing Strategies… But Which One Works Best?

Every marketing effort should start with a solid strategy. That includes legacy gift marketing! But, sadly, most fundraisers jump right into tactics without sitting down to… Read More

How the new rules of marketing apply to planned giving. (A SmartGiftmaker® blog post)

If your organization desperately needs to generate more planned gifts, bequests, charitable gift annuities, etc… it’s time for you to embrace the new rules of… Read More

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