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4 simple concepts that can help you raise sophisticated transformational gifts

I like this blog post written by Greg Ring over at The Giving Crowd.  In it, he outlines his Four C’s of Successful Fundraising. Although,… Read More

How to stop over-thinking and start engaging

Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Engagement fundraising is so darn simple too! You don’t need to over-think… Read More

How Your Restaurant Waiter Can Teach You About Fundraising

The theory of reciprocity is powerful.  And nowhere is it displayed more dramatically than in restaurants every day. Think about it.  Your waiter is basically… Read More

Now you can hear me on the ‘Freakshow’!

My pal Brady Josephson (self-proclaimed charity nerd) had me on his relatively new podcast titled: The Generosity Freakshow. I encourage you to take a listen…. Read More

Are you avoiding your donors?

Too often I’ve seen some ‘fundraisers’ do whatever they can to avoid actually talking to donors. “I can’t call ’em yet. I’m waiting for the… Read More

Why you need to think of yourself as a facilitator

Supporters give to satisfy a need. Supporters give because they trust your organization to satisfy that need. Supporters give because they see you, your colleagues,… Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why Gift Officers Won’t Make Outbound Calls to Donors

The reasons why fundraisers won’t make outbound calls to donors are because they are: FEARFUL: They fear rejection. CONFUSED: They don’t know what to say…. Read More

My Simplest Explanation of How Engagement Fundraising Works

Engagement fundraising (a phrase I coined many years ago) is powerful. I’ve been talking about this for about 10 years (ever since I revamped my marketing… Read More

How success and happiness relate to the raising of money

Everyone wants success and happiness in their lives. Sadly, too many people are misled or misdirected by the media and teachers about what success and …

The 8 core components of engagement fundraising and why you desperately need them

Most fundraising is based on what I call “single shot” strategies. For instance, it’s an event, gala or golf outing. Or, perhaps it’s a mailing,… Read More

Top 8 reasons why you might want to read my new book: Engagement Fundraising

Here are 8 reasons why you might want to read my new book: Engagement Fundraising …

15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!!

According to Glassdoor, the following 15 companies no longer require college degrees. I think they are starting to recognize that they can hire smart people… Read More

Why Response Rates Don’t Matter.

It always frustrates me to hear fundraisers or their consultants concern themselves with vanity metrics like response rates for lead generation efforts.  Honestly, I’m tired… Read More

9 Tips to Help You Start and Maintain a Major or Legacy Giving Conversation

Before you can even get to ‘the ask’ you’ve got to start and maintain a conversation. Here are some pointers to do just that: Don’t… Read More

Donor target ask amounts offend me

I keep seeing software or wealth screening companies providing fundraisers with target ask amounts. I don’t get it. How on earth can a software provider… Read More

Want a copy of the ‘best of my blog’ book?

Some of you might already know that I’ve got a book coming out this year on September 18th titled Engagement Fundraising. Hooray! You can pre-order… Read More

Why you should think more than twice about allowing anonymous responses in donor surveys

Sometimes people ask us why we don’t allow donors to be anonymous when taking donor surveys. I guess they actually believe donors want to be… Read More

The difference between wealth screening and wealth appending

First, wealth screening. Over the past 10 to 20 years, wealth screening has become a common practice for fundraising shops. But staff should always remember… Read More

11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities

Why donors like CGAs CGAs help them feel good because they get to make a gift to support a cause they believe in while also… Read More

How nonprofit organizations can provide more value to generate more revenue in 5 simple steps.

In my last post, I tore up the concept of the disappearing donor. I proclaimed that donors are not disappearing. Rather, our sector’s fundraising practices are driving… Read More

The myth of the disappearing donor

Lots of folks think donors are disappearing.  While populations in the U.S. and other philanthropic countries are still increasing how can it be that donors… Read More

Stop SPAMMING your supporters with planned giving e-newsletters

Wiz-bang tech? I was talking to a fundraiser and he said, “We’ve got this cool system that includes pre-written estate planning e-newsletters I can send to… Read More

Complacency is a prelude to disaster

I know, change is hard. But I think too many people are afraid of change and disruption when they really should be afraid of being afraid…. Read More

Are you a piñata fundraiser?

Piñatas are decorative, papier-mâché containers usually filled with candy. I learned about them at children’s birthday parties. There, the children get a chance to whack ’em with a stick… Read More

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