Start with "Thank You"

iStock_000009219021SmallTracy Malloy-Curtis is a real fundraiser. She’s passionate, hard-working, and smart! …My kinda fundraiser.
Here’s a little bit of brilliance she shared with me while we had a cup of coffee together in downtown New York City a couple of weeks ago. She was telling me a story about a fundraiser who was afraid to pick up the phone to call a donor. Here’s what Tracy told her colleague:

‘You never have to be afraid of calling a donor because your call should always simply start with saying, “thank you!”‘

The lesson here is that you need to stop thinking about whether or not you’re going to ask for more money and whether or not you should. In fact, you need to stop thinking period! Instead, just pick up the phone and say, “thank you!”
Tracy just started a blog. Her posts are really great. Especially this one about the “M-word”.  I recommend it highly.

4 responses to “Start with "Thank You"”

  1. Randy Fox says:

    So good I’m going to re-post it on pgdc

  2. Randy Fox says:

    So good I’m going to re-post it on pgdc

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