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Top 2 cringeworthy things some fundraisers say to major donor prospects (and what they might want to say instead)

1. “I’d like to meet you to update you / tell you what we do / tell you what we’ve been doing, etc.” I’ve had… Read More

A powerful new way to deliver value to your future supporters

If you work for a college or university, you already know that many of your donors give because of the experience they had when they attended your institution. For… Read More

7 big reasons why capacity is so hard to uncover (how the rich hide their wealth)

Here’s how the ultra-rich make sure you can’t figure out how much money they really have: They figure out ways to evade taxes entirely They use… Read More

Is a day of reckoning coming for fundraisers and their employers?

Fundraisers like you are in a difficult spot. You’re constantly being asked to raise more money by your board of directors, but you don’t have… Read More

Are you chasing wealthy people or philanthropists?

Wealthy people are not necessarily philanthropists. But philanthropists are usually wealthy. When organizations develop their lists, I think, perhaps, a little too much attention is… Read More

Why your nonprofit’s donor survey could be causing more harm than good

Thinking about sending out a donor survey? If so, be sure to use the survey responses properly so you ‘speak’ personally and relevantly to each… Read More

How to put marketing automation to work for your nonprofit’s fundraising

Catching up. If you read all my previous posts (starting here) about how you can use marketing automation to raise more major and legacy gifts,… Read More

Are you playing games with your supporters?

Sadly some fundraisers think they’re playing a game. But if only one participant is playing, what’s the other one doing? Being played! At its core,… Read More

What’s really wrong with moves management?

A lot of people feel uncomfortable with moves management but they don’t know why. I think discomfort might arise because it focuses a lot on you and… Read More

Top 10 ways marketing automation helps nonprofits raise more money for less

Quick review In my previous post  I outlined the 3 types of marketing automation tools fundraising operations really should understand. Plus I recommended you deploy… Read More

3 types of marketing automation fundraising operations need to understand (including one you really need to deploy right away)

In this previous post we discussed the fact that lower-level, basic automation works better for raising low-dollar donors.  That’s why you need more sophisticated automation… Read More

Do you really need MORE gift officers to raise more money?

Too many nonprofits mistakenly assume that the best way to increase major gifts fundraising is to hire more major gifts officers.  To a point, this… Read More

Can your nonprofit organization afford to invest in marketing automation?

SPOILER ALERT: You can’t afford not to automate your fundraising operations In my previous post, I promised to examine whether or not you can afford… Read More

Product Updates: June 2021

See How Your MarketSmart Emails are Performing Email Reports enhancements are here! Check out the updates below that provide you with a better overview of… Read More

How marketing automation helps nonprofits raise more major gifts, planned gifts and mid-level gifts at lower cost

Quick review In my previous post I outlined the reasons why nonprofit fundraising operations need marketing automation so they raise money more cost-efficiently. In this… Read More

The case for marketing automation: Why nonprofit fundraising operations should automate tasks to optimize staff performance

Fundraising is getting harder You don’t just feel it. You know it from the data. Retention is getting tougher. Attracting new donors is becoming more… Read More

Mass marketing, relationships and trust

One-to-many marketing/fundraising relationships are the same as personal relationships. Trust is essential. But, if you send spammy emails and direct mailers that are impersonal, irrelevant, interruptive,… Read More

12 Principles of Donor Love From David Love

Today, I’ll be treating you to a guest post written by a true fundraising legend— David Love.  David (also known as The Godfather of Good)… Read More

Top 5 reasons why it might be time to kill donor visit quotas!

Quotas… YUCK! Many major and planned giving professionals are required to secure and carry out a certain number of face-to-face visits each year. This is… Read More

How to increase the likelihood that your major or legacy donor prospects will engage in a meaningful conversation with you by 700%

  Follow-up failure. Follow-up failure is prevalent in every business category around the world. In 2011, the Harvard Business Review studied 2,241 U.S. companies to see… Read More

How asking for advice helps fundraisers: (1) qualify donors for their portfolios AND (2) build deeper relationships

Your donors want a partner, not a solicitor. Partners ask for advice before asking for money. Partners looking for advice are looking to collaborate. Partners… Read More

Have I mentioned how self-actualization ties in with why donors give?

Self-actualization (realizing one’s full potential) rests at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Donors aim for self-actualization and giving helps them make progress toward that goal…. Read More

Do you really need to buy a planned giving website?

In most cases, for most nonprofits… NO! You don’t need to buy a planned giving website. Here’s why:  For decades, nonprofit leaders and staff have… Read More

3 reasons why your donors and donor prospects won’t call you back

Frustration! Recently I was visiting a customer and one of the fundraisers was very frustrated. Thanks to our system, lots of donors disclosed that they already left… Read More

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