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Who truly has the silver bullet you need?

Charlatans? Have you ever wondered if the speaker at the conference scolding you for not “asking” enough has ever asked at all? Have you ever… Read More

If asking for donations makes you uncomfortable, read this now!

Recently I was asked the following: “The whole idea of the ‘ask’ is very uncomfortable to me. How can I become more comfortable with it?”… Read More

Some people find me abrasive. Here's why.

Recently I was told, “Greg, you are one strong cup of coffee.” I like that. Here’s why I am the way I am: 1. I… Read More

There's power in exclusivity but are you using it?

Unlike populist fundraisers (who treat everyone the same), engagement fundraisers aim to find and build relationships with “first class passengers”— people who are willing to “pay”… Read More

Finally, we’re releasing the HIPPO killer!!!

The HIPPO is the highest paid person in the office at the time when a decision needs to be made. HIPPOs tend to be far… Read More

How to Ask for Major Gifts…with the Donor’s Permission

In this presentation, the Founder & President of, Diane Remin, will cover everything you need to know about how to ask for major gifts so they can become a larger percentage of your organization’s annual donations. Discover how rewarding donor visits can be! Or simply attend to confirm whether or not you’re asking for gifts the right way. This presentation is designed for anyone who would like to be more comfortable asking a donor for a gift.

3 major donor myths broken by Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen knows a thing or two about direct marketing. On his blog, he debunks 3 major donor myths that pertain to marketing. You can… Read More

How MarketSmart Works With Partners

People often ask me, “How does MarketSmart work with partners (allies) to help nonprofits lower costs and increase revenues?” It’s a good question. Many people… Read More

How many LinkedIn contacts do you have?

I’m always surprised when I click on a major gift or planned gift fundraiser’s LinkedIn profile and see that they only have 30, 50 or… Read More


Do you ever find yourself scavenging the internet for simple nuggets of information to get your point across?  Whether you need a checklist, chart, proof… Read More

Why the difference between “we” and “they” is so tremendous?

First, a really quick story. I was flying home from a speaking engagement last week when I found myself sitting next to a very sweet,… Read More

How to determine whether or not you should fire your planned gift marketing vendor

If you’re concerned that you might be getting marketing advice from a firm that’s behind the times, ask yourself the following questions:  Do they use the… Read More

Is Your Donor "Endangered"?

Sometimes it’s who you know not what you know.  Fortunately for me, my cousin Richard (who I know) is the foremost authority on customer service…. Read More


Most planned gift prospects don’t ever want to meet you

That’s right. Most planned gift prospects actually don’t ever want to meet you. They’ll even go so far as to tell you that they will… Read More

Another highly requested blog post on why people give

You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked. For many years, this saying has motivated fundraisers to get… Read More

Do you donate to your employer?

Do you donate to your employer? If your answer was, “No, I donate my time… I work here!” I think that was the wrong answer…. Read More

Proof that high-dollar donors are more loyal than low-dollar supporters

Recently I made some new friends at The Fundraising Effectiveness Project and they shared some awesome research findings with me.  You can see the first one… Read More

15 telephone call do's for major and legacy gift fundraisers

15 Do’s Be straightforward. Identify the reason(s) for your call. Ask great open-ended questions that encourage dialogue and show that you are sincerely interested and care… Read More

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Ya Gotta Give ‘Em Value

Too often people engage with charities but get very little in return. Yet, they keep trying.   They’ll involve themselves with your charity over and over… Read More

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