Fundraising Is Broken

fundraising is broken

What if you could lower your fundraising costs while exponentially increasing fundraising revenues?

Now you can! With Engagement Fundraising.

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About the author:


Greg Warner In 2007 MarketSmart’s founder, Greg Warner, received a newsletter from one of his beloved charities, which seemingly sought to generate leads for its planned giving department. Since he initially took a dim view of the impersonal mass-marketing approach the organization had used, he decided to call them to see if the effort was working well. It was not. Feeling a duty to offer assistance, Greg sought to improve the effectiveness of the charity’s lead generation and cultivation efforts with a fresh MarketSmart strategy. After implementing MarketSmart’s plan, the organization generated more highly qualified, robust leads—and found more gifts—than it had previously uncovered in any single marketing campaign, ever.

Following the success of that initial campaign, Greg realized that by combining his firm’s understanding of high technology with savvy marketing strategies and superior sales skills, MarketSmart could help non-profit organizations increase the pace and scale of their planned giving efforts

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