Pulse Improvements, Digital Body Language Filter, and Printing Reports

Filter in Digital Body Language

Oftentimes, supporters engage with your organization for years which can lead to a lot to scroll through in their Donor 360. You can now view all activity or narrow it down to something more specific, such as drip email engagement or microsite engagement.

new filtering options for Digital Body Language

Improvements to Printing Reports

Thank you for letting us know that charts were splitting up when printing out reports to share with your colleagues and leadership team. We have made improvements that allow you to view a table of the data below each chart in addition to fixing the issue behind graphs splitting up on separate pages.

improved chart printing on campaign-reports page

Hidden Fields Will Always be Displayed

Great news – hidden fields that you have provided for us will always display, even if a supporter does not have data in a specific field. This will allow you to add supporter IDs and other key information to a Donor 360 if the supporter came to your microsite or effort organically.

Pulse Improvements

You’ll notice some minor changes to the upper navigation in the Pulse. We hope the simplified filters make it easier for you to monitor the activity of supporters on your microsite.

improved pulse page with added custom date range selection

Don’t Forget!

Lastly, do not forget you can sign-up for email notifications here and make sure you are always up-to-date on your dashboard activity.

If you like what you see (or you don’t) let us know your thoughts! We are always looking for ways to improve! I welcome your feedback – please reach out to me directly.

All my best,

Elizabeth Weiland
Product Manager

February 22, 2019

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