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MarketSmart supports fundraisers like you by staying on the cutting edge of technology to help you generate qualified major and planned giving leads.

Phyllis Freedman, President of SmartGiving, worked with fundraisers who drive game-changing results for their organization. In her words, MarketSmart has the “systems that work….processes that work….ideas that work.”

With the MarketSmart system, fundraisers are able to find, qualify, and reach out to people that “…never would have been on their radar,” Phyllis says.

Along with Phyllis, here are just a few of the many consultants we work with:

  • Roger Craver (The Agitator)
  • Tom Ahern
  • Claire Axelrad
  • David Mersky
  • Pamela Grow

How can MarketSmart work with you?

We provide you and your team with the ultimate donor qualification tool. Our groundbreaking technology uncovers donors who are ready to give now.

Want to deliver bigger results with more major and planned gifts?

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