Now Available: Executive Summary (PDF) of My Webinar On ‘Fundraising Climate Change’

A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar about Fundraising Climate Change (a term I developed some time ago and included in my book titled Engagement Fundraising).

In the webinar I presented a ton of data supporting my claim that the fundraising environment has been shifting and the storm clouds have been gathering. I believe that, finally, the day of reckoning is upon us and too few organizations are ready.

  • Low-dollar donors are disappearing;
  • Donor retention rates are dropping;
  • Donor trust in nonprofits is becoming more depressed;
  • All while competition for donor dollars is growing.

Over 1,000 people attended the live event and viewed the recording. However, a number of people reached out to me asking if I might provide them with an Executive Summary describing the highlights. I understand. People are busy and one hour is a lot of time to devote to self-education.

So, I put together an eReport (downloadable PDF) that can be read in about 10 minutes. You can access it here at no charge whatsoever. It’s my gift to you! I hope you’ll check it out and share it with your colleagues.


Fundraising Climate Change eReport PDF



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Michelle Schweber
Michelle Schweber
4 years ago

See, this is why I adore you. How nice. THANK YOU!

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