New Study: Older Donors Are Just as Likely to Give to Charities Online as Younger Donors

I can remember making the switch from FOR-PROFIT marketing to NONPROFIT marketing. We were like bulls in a China shop. We broke all the orthodoxies and conventions. And, our stuff worked!  Still does!
So someone asked me to speak at a local fundraising event. And, I did.
But then it hit me.  No, I didn’t get a pie in the face.  Nor did they throw tomatoes. Rather, they interrupted my presentation. One after another the fundraisers in the crowd kept interjecting, “But our donors are not online!” “Our donors are too old!” “They don’t go on Facebook!” “They don’t check their email!”
I tried to defend myself with facts and figures. But nothing I said could stop the barrage. In the end, I failed to finish my presentation on time. I was defeated.
But not today! Today a new study says that older donors are now just as likely to give to charities online as younger donors.

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