Multi-channel marketing and planned giving

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Today Seth Godin writes, “Repetition increases the chance that you get heard.”  And, he continues, “Delivering your message in different ways, over time, not only increases retention and impact, but it gives you the chance to describe what you’re doing from several angles. “This time Seth’s post DOES apply for planned giving marketing.

Recently a client told me they thought they should ONLY print and mail planned giving newsletters to people over 70 in their database a couple of times a year.  No email.  No Facebook.  No telemarketing.  No print ads in their magazine.  No inserts with acknowledgements.  No banner ads online.  No letters.  No posters at events.  No brochures at Board Meetings.

Just newsletters.  Only a couple of times a year.

Of course I advised against that strategy.  Some of the smartest folks in the world agree with me.

Be like Seth.  Be smart.  Push your messages as repetitively as possible to as many people as possible (since anyone can leave a planned gift).


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