Imagine this.

iceland-waterfall-1500x1000 Imagine this.
Since you’re reading this, I’m betting you are someone who cares deeply about helping supporters with capacity (wealthy people) realize their philanthropic dreams. You want to be there to facilitate their giving experience. You want to help them support your mission so they feel good.
Imagine a world where you do more of that in less time without breaking your budget.
Imagine a world where you reach your revenue targets every month, every quarter, and every year.
Imagine a world where you spend less time fussing with overwhelming, convoluted, “wealth-screened” lists and more time meeting with supporters.
Imagine a world where you easily view all the information you need from donor discovery efforts (the result of donor surveys) in a simple dashboard.
Imagine a world where you know exactly why each donor cares about your nonprofit’s mission, who inspired them to care, how they’d like to give and when.
Imagine a world where the tedious but oh so necessary process of cultivation gets done exactly how you want it to get done but without the need for you to exert much time and energy on it at all.
Imagine a world where you feel comfortable calling your supporters  every single time you pick up the phone— and they are ready to take your calls – like magic!
This world exists; it’s the world of Engagement Fundraising
I know, because I invented it.
Many of you reading this are already part of it. You are among our hundreds of clients and users. You live around the world. You tell your friends about us and our technologies. You tell them how much easier your job is now– and more satisfying too.
Thank you.
But for those of you who are not yet part of our world, why not? 
What’s holding you back? Usually, it’s not because of your budget since our systems and strategies reduce costs while delivering better results.
Is it that you just don’t know what we do yet? Have you been reading this blog for a while now but somehow missed the fact that we can help you succeed? Have you missed the mysterious yellow button at the top right corner of each page?
If so, here’s your chance.
You can empower yourself and your team to succeed. All you need to do is engage with us.
Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.
In fact, you’ll enjoy it.
That’s because we don’t have commission sales reps. We never pressure you. We only provide you with information. We let you see how others, just like you, have used our technologies and strategies to win, and win big.
Our clients get promotions, better job titles, and raises. I swear!
You can too.
What have you got to lose? Go ahead, pick one of the buttons below.

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