If you like VERITUS GROUP and you like me… now you can get both together!


Have you ever met someone for the first time but felt like you had known them forever? Like you had a mysterious connection instantly?

That’s how I felt when I first met Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels (from Veritus Group) in Philadelphia years ago. That day we arranged to have coffee and we talked for hours.

They really ‘get’ it because they recognize that qualification and prioritization is the key to success in major gift fundraising, not just wealth screening! 


It’s also about relationships resulting from a fundraiser’s ability to uncover where each donor’s life story and your organization’s mission intersect along with a permission-based outreach approach. In other words, your donors should be invited to opt-in to be on your major gift caseload. You shouldn’t target them! And they should see that opting-in GIVES THEM an opportunity to explore their connection to your cause and how they can make impact so they can realize the best version of themselves.

Providing value to donors.

Richard and Jeff know that GIVING major donors and major donor prospects opportunities to opt-in makes them exponentially more likely to give. In fact, I have found that once donors opt-in, they’re about 80% of the way in toward getting a major gift.


So I was thrilled that Richard and Jeff invited me to chat on the VERITUS GROUP PODCAST. If you want to raise more major gifts, you really should listen to all of the episodes. But if you only want to hear me, please check it out here.

And if you like the episode, please share it with friends and colleagues.


Greg Warner on Veritus Group Podcast


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