How Gritty Are You?

I think “grit” is more important than talent or skill.
Grit is courage, strength of character and “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”
Here’s a neat test to determine your grittiness thanks to someone at the University of Pennsylvania.  CLICK HERE
I got 4.63 out of 5 putting me in the 90th-99th percentile.  How about you?
Grit Score


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20 responses to “How Gritty Are You?”

  1. Scott Park says:

    4.5 which puts me in the 90th percentile.
    Do us tenacious ones get an eye patch with this score?

  2. engagementfundraising says:

    An eye patch? No. But I’ll send you some MarketSmart m&m’s or a 3-to-1 Engagement Fundraising Pad if you want a prize! 🙂

  3. Angela Strain says:

    4.38! Also 90th percentile. Perhaps those in the less than 90th percentile aren’t eager to take a test to see how gritty they are? I think the description may only appeal to those who are comfortable with their grit. And grits! I’ll take mine in a Deep South cheese grits casserole, thanks…

  4. engagementfundraising says:

    Wow! MarketSmart blog readers are “gritty” indeed!

  5. Adam says:

    Your grit score is: 5
    You are grittier than at least 90% of the US population.

  6. Paul Boudrye says:

    Thank you for this Grit assessment.

  7. Paul Boudrye says:

    btw I believe Grit is a key component in the overall success continuum of an individual and a team. My score 3.5. We need people with a diverse set of Talents, Passions, Motivations and Grit. Let me know how I may be of service. Would like to include your research in a project I am involved with.

  8. Kelly says:

    I got 4.88!

  9. Jane Ratzlaff says:


  10. Suzanne Lezotte says:

    My score was 2.63. I could tell what choices would make me come out closer to a 5.0, but I was honest with my answers. And, I agree with Paul Boudrye, it takes all kinds of people with diverse sets of skills. Sometimes, relationships necessary in the world of fundraising aren’t made because you have “grit,” but because you have passion, empathy and the ability to listen.

  11. Jeanette says:

    My score was 4.5.
    As I took the test I became curious about how to inspire tenacity in others. Can tenacity be taught? While I believe that some people are naturals at pushing through towards goals – and that is a good thing. Tenacity can sometimes damage self, family and community. While this test looked at tasks it overlooked relational tenacity – I think Suzanne would have scored high on that.
    At the root of tenacity in all areas is self confidence. For us to flourish – especially in this industry – we must begin with self-care. When we do one thing that brings us joy each day we are strengthened mentally, emotionally and relationally – then we are better equipped to live and work with tenacity and grit!
    Check out this post on how to build tenacity from the folks at Metcalf Associates.

  12. Terry Mulligan says:

    My score was 4.63 – which didn’t surprise me, as anyone who knows me even a little would say that I am pretty tenacious (actually, they would say that I am focused, driven, and stubborn). For the most “tenacious” of us, I would think it’s about knowing when to dial it back and/or finding the place that truly appreciates it!

  13. Steve Hagler says:

    Some of the commenters ask if you can teach grit and tenacity. I think you can. Outward Bound has been doing it for almost 90 years. Hundreds of thousands of alumni, and the most common phrase is “it changed my life” followed by “I learned that I could do more than I thought I could.” Outward Bound’s framework (often copied, never duplicated!) for teaching students that they have what it takes to overcome physically and mentally challenging days in the wilderness is a great recipe for learning about, and internalizing, perseverance, tenacity and grit. Learn more at

    • engagementfundraising says:

      Thanks for contributing Steve. I did Outward Bound. It was my graduation present from my dad after I graduated college. 2 weeks. I’ll never forget it.

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