Get ready to be disliked!

If you create something new.  If you innovate.  If you are different.  Get ready to be disliked.

You and your non-profit or your business simply can’t be for everyone.  Some people like Macs, some like PC’s.

The key is to decide what or who you want to be. Make sure you are better than the others in some way.  Focus on what that is.  Get even better at that to create distance for yourself.  Then promote it.

I want my firm to be like a Mac so the people who buy from us (especially those needing planned giving marketing) become humongous fans.  And those who don’t buy from us simply are just folks who either want and need something different or don’t realize they can benefit from our services… yet.
Or they like to have their computers crash and get viruses. (I guess you can see that I like Macs so I’m ready for the PC lovers to hate me.)
What makes you different?  What firms are you a fan of and which ones do you dislike?

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