Get more bang for your direct mail buck

Add relevance and a personalized URL
Yes, I’m talking about personalization.  Direct mail works best when it is relevant. So we recommend you send targeted messages to each person based on their preferences.
Say you have 612 people in your database who like red boats and 410 who like blue boats. Send the 612 an offer for a red boat– “Special Sale on RED Boats Ends in 7 Days!!” And of course, the 410 should get a message for a blue boat.
We also suggest you ask your prospects to respond using a unique, personalized web page created for each individual target.
For instance: “Special Sale on RED Boats Ends in 7 Days!!! Go to for Deep Discounts!”
You can use each prospect’s name as the anchor and some nifty technology to create 612 unique landing pages for each person who likes red boats and 410 unique landing pages for each person who likes blue boats.
That way, when they arrive at the page, their name will appear. But even better, the unique web pages will show them their favorite colored boat.
And best of all, you will be able to see who logged on (name, address, phone number) since the personalized urls will have been created from your original database. So you will be able to track each individual visitor.
That way you know who visited, when, where they clicked and what their interests are. For bigger ticket items, this is great information for your sales force so they can follow-up armed with information

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