Fundraisers, today you have a chance to feel exactly how your donors feel

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KHOU 11 News posted this image last night highlighting the fact that this family urgently needed help (and even included their home’s address in the post)

Friends, our fellow Americans are facing trillions of gallons of water. It’s a disaster that will, unfortunately, end up being the worst in Texas’ history.
I donated to the Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group Fund. You can too. They have a very small fundraising shop, just like many of you. But they are on-the-ground. They are the real deal.
Also, since I always match my staff’s giving… dollar-for-dollar, all year long, every year, no matter where they choose to donate… I bet I’ll be giving more throughout the week.
This is your chance. 
If you want to feel good, give today.
Plus, as a fundraiser, you’ll gain an extra benefit besides just good vibes from giving. You’ll also learn exactly how your donors feel.
Think about the experience every step of the way. 
Will you research where you should give? I did. How did you do it? Online? Probably. Or did you ask friends? Perhaps on Facebook?
When you gave, how did it feel? What did you expect? Were your expectations (needs) met?
Was it easy? How many seconds did it take? I think every organization should set a goal for a 10-second transaction. I know, that’s fast, but it isn’t impossible.
Feel what your donors feel.
This is your chance to not only help someone in Texas but to improve your fundraising effectiveness too.
So give, even if it’s just $5. Give so you can help others and help yourself learn how to help your donors enjoy the giving experience more.
God Bless America!

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