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1) Ask the right questions

Through extensive research, and countless hours of testing, we’ve “cracked the code” on alumni survey design.

Don’t take our word for it, read what The Ohio State University had to say.

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john woods

As with any new idea, I wasn’t 100% certain about working with MarketSmart, but the results from the initial test have been amazing and we are looking forward to continuing our roll out.

John Woods, Associate Vice President, The Ohio State University The Ohio State University
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2) Prioritize respondents

An effective alumni engagement survey will support prospect prioritization. MarketSmart’s proprietary scoring algorithm helps you focus in on the prospects you need to engage with now.

Hundreds of organizations leverage MarketSmart’s prioritization scoring.

$60 returned for every $1 invested and we haven’t even really scratched the surface yet.

Jonelle Beck, Executive Director of Estate & Gift Planning, University of the Pacific University of the Pacific

3) Have a cultivation strategy

Surveys represent a fantastic way to learn more about your alumni. With technology, we can leverage that data to create personailzed cultivation strategies for each of your alum.

Quality cultivation is the key to long-term alumni survey success.

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