Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!

what words work to raise money Last year I worked with Dr. Russell James to present his findings on what words work to raise money (Check out the ground-breaking webinar titled Words that Work). He presented evidence that many of the words we use in the sector are actually off-putting to our supporters. For instance, some of the worst words for planned gift marketing are:

  • Bequest;
  • Charitable Gift Annuity;
  • and Remainder Interest Deed.

We also learned that:

  • Living donor stories outperformed stories about deceased donors;
  • Offering supporters an opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one is a powerful way to garner interest;
  • Leading with tax deduction messages actually works (such as “Receive a tax deduction and make a gift that pays you income for life.”);
  • And, when it comes to enticing people to consider a planned gift, you should be sure to avoid “death messages” that remind your supporters about their mortality in a negative way.

If you want to see the whole Words that Work webinar, you can check out the recording here.
And, if you want to see the sequel, Words that Work 2, go here.


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