Finally, we’re releasing the HIPPO killer!!!

The HIPPO is the highest paid person in the office at the time when a decision needs to be made.
HIPPOs tend to be far removed from regular engagement with donors and their decisions tend to be based on opinions— not data or fact. But, unfortunately, most lower-paid employees must dutifully defer to HIPPOs and their assumptions even if they lack donor-centricity.
To fight against calamities caused by HIPPOs, we developed two systems that help fundraisers get their facts straight.

  1. Our MarketSmart Marketing Dashboard
  2. Our Fundraising Report Card

Today I’m proud to announce the release of version 4.0 of MarketSmart’s dashboard. Thousands of hours have gone into making improvements that will help people like you get the insights they need to raise more money at lower cost. If you want to check them out in detail, just let us know. We’re always ready to share success stories as we walk you through our HIPPO-killing technologies.

Updated MarketSmart dashboard

MarketSmart’s new dashboard v4.0

dashboard for donor metrics

Our Fundraising Report Card dashboard is powerful and free

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