Ever wonder what donor advisors tell their clients when it comes to giving their money away?

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has spent the past 120 years advising one of the worlds most philanthropic families— the Rockefellers. Today they help their clients give away over $200 million annually.
And now, they have shared with the world what they give to their clients — a guidebook for philanthropists titled First Steps in the Philanthropic Journey.
In this pdf, they provide 9 steps they recommend philanthropists take in the process of redistributing their wealth. It’s a fascinating read. I recommend it. But if you don’t have time, here are the 9 steps:

  1. Do some homework – explore your interests (what do you want to fund?)
  2. Take your own temperature – think about what you want out of it (how do you want to fund it?)
  3. Form your kitchen cabinet – a mastermind group to help make final decisions (who will help you?)
  4. Choose your approach – find the right strategy
  5. Start visiting – recognize that you are now “exposing yourself”
  6. Do the due diligence that’s right for you – examine and evaluate some charities
  7. Give the money – clarify how you want to be treated, what you want, and what you don’t want
  8. Build the relationship and increase the impact – become a partner
  9. Assess your giving annually – then check back with your kitchen cabinet to make changes (if necessary)

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2 responses to “Ever wonder what donor advisors tell their clients when it comes to giving their money away?”

  1. Amber Wynn says:

    Hi, the links are broken. Is there anyway to get copies of — a guidebook for philanthropists titled First Steps in the Philanthropic Journey?

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