Even fundraisers can "get schooled" by a 4th-grade teacher

These days you can’t be average. Average efforts deliver average results.
If you want to raise more major gifts and generate planned gifts:

  1. Be exceptional
  2. Be innovative
  3. Deliver more value than is expected of you
  4. Use new media channels
  5. Deliver content that is entertaining and provides value
  6. Make your donors (or, in this case… 4th grade students) feel good

Take it from Mr. Reed, a first-year 4th-grade teacher in Chicago.
Check out the exceptional and innovative way he decided to welcome his students to his class.

What are you doing that is exceptional, innovative and delivers tremendous value for your donors?

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4 responses to “Even fundraisers can "get schooled" by a 4th-grade teacher”

  1. Emily Capelle says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What a great video to share with donors – and prospective students/families!

  2. This was exceptionally inspirational for me today. Thanks for sharing!

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