Choose a lesson plan!


You can choose to break down this hefty amount of content into nuggets of information delivered straight to your inbox once a week over a four month time span (beginning the moment you sign up). You’ll receive an email with videos linked to that week’s lecture lessons. Each lesson averages from 10 to 15 minutes long. You’ll also receive access to the previous week’s lessons as you progress through the course.


At once!

Access all 65 lessons in either audio or video format. That’s 14 hours of valuable content! You can proceed at your own pace — and you’ll have lifetime access to the course lessons, so you can return years down the line! You’ll be receiving quite a bit of information from this course so take your time and digest all of this great stuff at your own pace.


NOTE: Click here to learn how to get your 13 CFRE credits. If you have any questions or concerns, send an email to info@imarketsmart.com.

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