Dashboard Questions

When asked what features or functionality you’d like added, here is what you said:
Some of these have been edited for brevity:


  • Have an option to filter down email and data exports by date or last export.
  • The ability to identify and export supporters who selected specific answers on a survey into a spreadsheet. 
  • Rotate/cycle through donors over a time period with alerts to the next item and the ability to check them off as complete. For instance, three calls, then a card, an invitation, a call, a letter, a visit, and so on. 
  • Adding And/Or functionality to the All Supporters Tab and Gift Likelihood box. For example, “Find donor in CA, with a PG likelihood indication and/or ‘Top Choice’ ranking, and/or answered ‘Likely’ to give appreciated assets from a DAF. 
  • The ability to see the copy that’s associated with each open rate directly through the dashboard. 


The great news is, there may be built-in functionality in place already to accomplish the things you want to do, or in some cases, there may be plans to roll out the very features you demand most at a future date that Elizabeth and her team can talk to you about.


  • How are the top leads in my list of top 5 generated?
  • How does one define “Qualified” or “Unqualified”? Is it based on our information, or based on our interactions over time, etc.?
  • What criteria is used to determine a donor prospect’s score / rank?
  • Can I share my Saved Filters with other Dashboard users via a link or some other convenient method?
  • How do I print a donor’s response?




  • What’s the API?
  • Can the API pull data and also push data to and from the Dashboard so prospects are up-to-date in my CRM and the MarketSmart Dashboard?



  • Are there any tips on best ways to coordinate use of the Dashboard between multiple team members?


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