Convenience Trumps Everything

Marketing convenienceConvenience is powerful.
Look at Look at McDonalds. Look at any other person or company from whom you buy products or services. If they provide convenience, the chance that you’ll buy from them will increase exponentially.
Convenience needs to be part of your organization’s marketing model too! It should fit neatly with trust, transparency, honesty, brand familiarity, quality, and service.
How can you add convenience to your marketing?

    • Make giving online as easy as possible by testing and improving the user experience that your web pages provide
    • Survey major donors to find out when they feel they’d want to be asked
    • Include reply envelopes with all of your outreach communications so donors can give easily
    • Make it easy for your donors to share opportunities to engage and support your mission
    • Segment your lists for different ask amounts and personalize your messages so your supporters feel like they are being treated like individuals
    • Give supporters easy ways to engage with your staff online with chat tools
    • Provide your bequest language and your tax ID at the bottom of every web page, email, and on every single printed item
    • Make your website “responsive” so it works on a desktop computer, a tablet, and a smart phone
    • Test every web page on multiple browsers to ensure that every donor sees your information as you intend
    • Use big buttons, pictures, and captions online (don’t write too many words)
    • Write at the 4th grade level so everyone can easily understand what you’re saying

Have any other suggestions for making things convenient for your supporters? Share them in the comments below!

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