Planned Giving

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13 stages of the consideration / evaluation process for making a planned gift

Prospective donor buys into your mission Has a clear understanding of the future needs of your organization Sees the organization as a good investment because… Read More

Seven neat planned giving marketing quotes

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luther     “A… Read More

The number one thing to avoid saying when you call a planned giving prospect

So somebody was interested in learning more about how to update their will.  You know because they sent in a reply form from one of… Read More

What's wrong with the words on planned giving websites?

Now that I have your attention, I’m actually going to tell you that the problem with planned giving websites doesn’t begin with the words.  It… Read More

The least expensive ways to build awareness for your planned giving program

The opportunities for building awareness for your planned giving program are all around you.  Put these words everywhere you possibly can: Please consider leaving {your… Read More

Behind the stats and metrics of email marketing for planned giving marketing

On a listserve recently there was a discussion about what you can expect from email marketing in planned giving marketing.  I can tell you that,… Read More

How to spot the 4 types of givers for your fundraising efforts.

When you boil it all down, there are really just 4 types of givers you need to understand for your fundraising efforts. 1- Impulse givers…. Read More

Some thoughts about planned giving marketing newsletters.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to newsletters for planned giving marketing. A personalized, relevant planned giving newsletter First, can we agree that… Read More

Should we avoid the term "planned giving"?

I think we should avoid the term “planned giving” in our marketing materials and communications. Donors just don’t understand that phrase.  According to Larry Stelter’s… Read More

Pulling the best list to generate leads for planned giving (charitable estate planning) is not easy.

Pulling the best list for planned giving marketing is not easy. Planned giving targets are not the same as major gift targets. They are unique… Read More

7 new rules for marketing (including planned giving marketing).

Let’s face it. Marketing has changed. The old rules don’t work today and the Internet has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. Although many… Read More

5 stages of the commitment process for planned gifts

Let’s look at the five-step process individuals take before they reach a decision to leave a gift . 1- Attention Simply stated, you cannot get… Read More

What is a highly-qualified lead for planned giving?

A great deal of confusion surrounds whom you should approach for planned gifts. So let’s begin by defining the types of people you will find… Read More

Why some planned giving departments are missing out on bequests.

A friend of mine went to a really large public university.  He heard about our SmartGiftmaker and told me I should call someone at his… Read More

Some neat research for planned giving marketing.

The National Committee on Planned Giving* found: that most donors first make a will at age 44 the average age of their first charitable bequest… Read More

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