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$60 returned for every $1 invested and we haven’t really scratched the surface.

University of the Pacific is the oldest chartered university in California with an endowment greater than $300M.

University of the Pacific partnered with MarketSmart in 2016 to pilot their marketing services and technology products. MarketSmart developed a supporter survey geared towards planned giving that uncovered 50+ previously undisclosed bequests, with two turning into significant major gifts.

University of the Pacific has documented over $1.5M in planned gifts and $300K in major gift commitments from the MarketSmart survey alone.

After this initial success, Jonelle and the University of the Pacific team extended their partnership with MarketSmart. MarketSmart developed a 3-year marketing plan to meet the organization’s capital campaign goals and properly steward and cultivate planned and major gift prospects.

$60 returned for every $1 invested and we haven’t even really scratched the surface yet.

Jonelle Beck, Executive Director of Estate & Gift Planning, University of the Pacific University of the Pacific
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